Is cleavage yesterday’s news?

Is cleavage really over?  According to the Dec 2016 issue of Vogue it is.  I will say I have seen a shift in patient requests in my office. 60804494

Over the past two years the size of implants patients request have certainly diminished.  2 years ago woman routinely were asking for full to medium D and DD breasts.  Now the average cup size our patients are asking for are ‘healthy C cups’.  As a result of this, we are seeing more breast lifts.  Sometimes a breast lift can be avoided if a large enough implant is placed.  With this renewed likening towards smaller breasts implants, lifts are too a bit on the rise.  The millennials have definitely shifted their preference to smaller breasts, where woman in their 40s and up seemed to not get the memo.

Breasts have gotten smaller and butts definitely much larger.  The Pamela Anderson Baywatch body has now been replaced with the
Jenner Kardashian body.  Is cleavage over for good?  I don’t think so.  And just like all trends,  with time big voluptuous breasts will again be en vogue.  Give it time, and don’t throw those Z Cavaricci pants just yet.

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