Face Lift

Cameo Surgery performs facelift surgery for patients on Long Island and in the New York City area. A facelift will restore volume and repositions the face, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The facelift addresses sagging loose skin of the mid-face, deep folds in the sides of the nose and mouth, and creates definition along the jaw line.

What is a Face Lift?

There are many facelift options available at Cameo Surgery of New York, which are variations of the same technique. A mini facelift has an incision that stops right behind the earlobe. A full facelift extends behind the ear to the hairline. The full facelift will better address a loose neck. Facelifts can be done as an isolated procedure, though they are more commonly done in conjunction with other procedures such as an Eyelid Lift, Brow Lift, or Facial Implants.

A mid-facelift lifts the cheek fat up onto the cheekbones and raises the corners of the mouth, improving the appearance of those with a chronically sad look. The incisions are made hidden, in the hairline and in the mouth. This helps to even out the cheek creases around the mouth, giving a softer and happier look, and provides a younger appearance. This can often be accomplished with a brow lift procedure.

Good Candidates for a Face Lift have:
Deep creases and extra skin between the nose and mouth
A jowl formation
Extra skin and loss of definition to the neck
Loss of contour and definition to the jaw line
Over the age of 18 & in overall good health
Basic Surgery/Recovery Info:
» Anesthesia: IV Sedation or General
» Length of Procedure: 2-4 hours
» Length of Stay: Outpatient
» Discomfort: Minimal
» Return to work: 1 week
» Bandages: 2 days; Can be longer if procedure includes neck lift
» Bruising: Minimal-moderate
» Stitches: Sutures will be removed 5-7 days; staples removed from hairline if included neck on day 10
» Exercise: No excessive straining, lifting or bending exercises for at least 1-2 weeks. It is acceptable to do some light walking 72 hours after surgery. Jogging & light non-contact exercise should not be resumed for 3 weeks, & strenuous sports require minimal of 6 weeks.
» Results: Natural & Balanced look
* * Results, restrictions, & instructions may vary among different patients. Your individual guidelines may be different and will be reviewed with Dr. Blyer and his team.
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