Food Intolerance

Many of us suffer from day-to-day symptoms that we think are incurable and unpreventable. That bloated feeling you can't seem to shake, or that dull, familiar headache that settles in at the same time each day- what if these things were a result of the foods you are eating everyday? No doubt, it is alarming to think that even if you are eating healthy, you are still experiencing mild to severe health issues that just may be preventable.

It is no secret that every human body differs from the next. Specifically and uniquely designed, we all have different reactions to a shared environment. Several years ago, researchers determined that food, as well as the various compounds we consume each day, affects each of us in very distinct ways. This realization soon led to a newly coined term: food intolerance.

What is Food Intolerance?

Unlike a food allergy, which is an immediate adverse reaction to a stimulant, intolerance to a food or chemical expresses itself over a period of time, and in various ways. Ranging anywhere from migraines and acne, to obesity and mood disorders, it is possible that certain foods are having this negative affect on your health.

In other words, every body has its 'own personal poison.' You may be consuming a certain item each day, thinking it is good for your health, while in reality your immune system is fighting back. Because the immune system is busy attacking these molecules, it cannot properly defend against other harmful bodies - resulting in your day-to-day sufferings.

How can CAMEO help?

So how do we find out what exactly your body is not tolerating? A simple blood test taken right here at Cameo is all it takes. Foods and other compounds will be tested against the sample, and changes in the white blood cells will be observed. Depending on how the white blood cells react, tolerance will be determined to be mild, moderate, or severe. After receiving the results, our staff nutritionist will provide a customized diet plan, designed specifically to your body. There is no better way to improve your health and ensure overall wellbeing than to know your body inside and out!

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