Is It Hard To Get Financed For A Mommy Makeover?

Becoming a mother is an incredible and life-altering experience that provides insurmountable joy and love for women. Motherhood includes limitless benefits but also requires some significant sacrifices from every mother. One central challenge women face is regaining their figure after having children. The truth is that diet and exercise can only go so far when reversing changes that occur during pregnancy. 


A mommy makeover helps patients achieve their before-pregnancy body and regain their sense of self through a combination of procedures. However, the cost of a mommy makeover can deter some women from even considering the surgery. The price of a mommy makeover shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your goals. Many cosmetic surgeons offer financing options that are easy to work with and get approved by. 


DrBfixin at Cameo Surgery Center offers financing through CareCredit and accepts all credit cards. He also works with patients to set payment schedules and help them finance their mommy makeover. No one should have to ignore their dreams to do the financing, so DrBfixin makes it easy for all of his patients. 


To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 631-232-2636. You can also reach out online via contact form, chat, or Price Simulator.

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Dr. Scott Blyer
Dr. Scott Blyer, also known as DrBfixin, is a Cosmetic Surgeon in NY with three board certifications and over 16 years of expertise. He honed his skills at institutions like Penn State, Stony Brook, and North Shore University Hospital and pursued an advanced fellowship in Texas.
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