Organic Facials

Cameo Medi-Spa organic facials are designed to cleanse, and exfoliate the skin. Using natural medical grade products we regenerate restore and soothe the skin. Cameo's organic facial treatments will enhance well-being naturally through high quality products and top notch service.

Eminence Skin Care
We are proud to be a partner with Eminence. The company is based in Hungary and is the original leader of organic skin care products. The company's green practices not only protect and enhance your well-being, but also the future of our planet. We also retail many of their most popular products. Visit us today to sample some of the best organic products available.


Organic Detox Treatment

The organic detox seystem from Eminence detoxes the most important organ of the body: the skin. This treatment uses the most potent and active products that aid in detoxification for the face and body. The natural herbal, vegetable, and fruit elements will regulate and calm the skin while returning a beautiful glow.

Glycolic Peel

Organic Glycolic Peel

This quick and effective treatment is clinically proven to treat all skin concerns including: aging, sunspots, acne, dry skin, keratosis pilaris, and post procedure care. The pure glycolic acid gently refines hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Yam & Pumpkin

Yam & Pumpkin Peel

The yam and pumpkin peel from Eminence is rich in beta-carotene and other vitamins to fight signs of aging. The natural fruit purées and extracts are rich in enzymes that improve the appearance of the skin. The acids gently soothe, smooth, and sloughs off dead skin to improve the texture of the skin.

Raddish Peel

Raddish Seed Peel

Mild, hypoallergenic exfoliant peel created with detoxifying herbal extracts to improve the skin's texture. This peel blends natural ingredients that deeply cleanses, soothes, and reduces sign of aging.

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