The Brazilian Butt lift will soon be called the Long Island butt lift!

I am amazed at the amount of requests for the Brazilian butt lift in our office.  We are doing so many of these each week.  If you want to see us in action I encourage you check us out on Snapchat (DrBfixin). DrBfixin snapchat
As for why this phenomenon is happening?  I do have a theory.

Google trends is a website that you can type a search time and it tells you how many times the term has been searched for.  This is the results for Brazilian butt lift which was the same as fat transfer to buttocks.

brazilian buttlift results

What happened in 2013 that caused an increase in searches for this procedure.  Many of you will instinctively say Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Lopez.  These people have been popular before 2013, so I would have to disagree.  i would attribute this to an even that happened in 2013.

miley cyrus butt

Miley Cyrus made the twerk popular once again.  And what is necessary for a good twerk you may ask?

twerking with a brazilian butt

I believe the Brazilian buttlift has gained a head of steam as a result of the popularity of twerking.  Regardless of the cause the popularity of this procedure is growing, not only in the Latino and black communities but even the Caucasian women as well.  This is not a trend that is going anywhere but up.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Brazilian Buttlift check out this website or for even more information check out our website dedicated to the art of the Brazilian Buttlift click here.

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