The U Lift

The U Lift is the newest and most natural innovation in cosmetic enhancement. Dr. Blyer's technique is called "The U Lift" because the secret ingredient is you U!

When patients come to my office hoping to look better I listen to their concerns. They often want to avoid surgery, have no downtime, want results that work and lastly they are concerned about foreign materials being used. It is difficult to find one thing that can satisfy all of these desires. The U-lift in the right patient can do just that. Dr. Scott Blyer

About the U Lift

Newts and salamanders can regenerate tails, legs and even eyes. Starfish can regenerate their entire body. Do we, as humans, process the ability to repair our own wrinkles? It appears we may. You have heard of the "Vampire Facelift", where your own blood is centrifuged and injected into your face to treat wrinkles and enhance volume. Dr. Blyer has his own 'spin' on this technique, which yields magnificent results.

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