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When most people begin to consider a tummy tuck surgery, they think of hourglass figures and losing the dreaded muffin top around their stomach. However, one aspect of any tummy tuck procedure is essential to creating a natural-appearing midsection. While the belly button may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a tummy tuck, finding a cosmetic surgeon who can create a natural belly button is a critical step before the procedure. 

The belly button is the central point of the stomach, drawing attention to the midsection. Achieving a beautiful and natural shape includes a well-structured belly button. It makes all the difference in the confidence and satisfaction a tummy tuck can bring. At Cameo Surgery Center, DrBfixin is an expert at creating naturally shaped and stunning belly buttons for all his Long Island tummy tuck patients. DrBfixin makes the most natural-looking belly buttons in Long Island.

Dr. B's Actual Patient

Why Is The Belly Button Crucial To A Tummy Tuck?

For many reasons, the belly button is crucial to achieving a beautiful Long Island tummy tuck. Many cosmetic surgeons perform fantastic tummy tucks but leave the belly button with a clearly reconstructed, artificial appearance. After spending time, money, and mental stamina on the procedure, the dead giveaway of the unnatural belly button can leave one unsatisfied and self-conscious. Reasons why a skilled belly button surgeon is so crucial include: 

  • The incision site is easily viewed 
    navel is the main focal point of the stomach
  • Awkwardly constructed and placed belly buttons are an easy tell of a tummy tuck
  • Belly buttons are unique to every patient’s proportions
  • Incorrect placement of the navel can cause incorrect dimensions in the mid-section 

DrBfixin knows better than anyone how unique belly buttons are. Finding the perfect placement and shape for each patient is the difference between a decent tummy tuck procedure and a flawless one.

Long Island Belly Button Customization

Customization is essential for natural navels. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to a belly button. The navel does not require extra attention for some tummy tuck patients, while others require minor enhancements to create a beautiful shape. Finding a cosmetic surgeon who understands when to leave the belly button alone and the proper techniques for each unique body composition is essential before undergoing an abdominoplasty. 

Various techniques can shape the belly button during a tummy tuck. DrBfixin uses different techniques to fit each patient’s specific needs and physique. The belly button is not entirely removed in most Long Island tummy tucks. Removing the belly button can lead to a strange shape and structure. However, in some instances, such as patients with a hernia in the umbilical region, require the removal of the belly button. Fortunately, DrBfixin can recreate a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing navel.

Belly Button Surgical Techniques

The navel region requires a skilled surgeon and extreme precision during a Long Island tummy tuck. DrBfixin uses his wicked precision to identify and utilize the best technique for each patient. Three belly button surgical methods can be used during an abdominoplasty.

1. Intact Umbilical Stalk

The tissue that makes up your belly button is the umbilical stalk. DrBfixin commonly uses the technique that keeps the tissue intact while eliminating the skin around it. Then, once the skin is gone, he will take some skin from the upper portion of the abdomen and move it down to the navel to create a new belly button. He also shapes the fat around the belly button to give a natural shadow around it.  This allows DrBfixin to create a natural shape in the perfect location.

2.Umbilical Float

The umbilical float method adjusts the position of the belly button to a more natural location. It’s better for patients with significant overhanging skin around their lower abdomen but not much around the upper portion. DrBfixin removes the navel tissue from the muscles and the muscles, adjusting the height, width, and shape. Then he reattaches the abdominal muscles for a petite and pretty belly button. 

Circumferential Body Lift

A circumferential body lift removes all excess skin around the lower torso, hips, and buttocks. This surgery is intended for patients with extreme amounts of loose skin and can completely transform their lower body.

DrBfixin can perform a breast lift to help patients with sagging skin around their breast tissue. He can remove, lift, and tighten the skin to help set the breasts in a higher location.

Some Long Island, tummy tuck patients have abnormal belly buttons, significant scarring, or excessive amounts of skin around the navel that require the belly button to be entirely removed and recreated. DrBfixin is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in navel reconstruction, providing beautiful belly buttons for every patient.

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Belly Button Tummy Tuck Recovery

The right cosmetic surgeon will be able to provide in-depth knowledge of the surgical methods used and give you adequate instructions to protect your belly button during recovery. DrBfixin is one of the best navel reconstructive surgeons in Long Island due to his thorough process and dedication to his patients. He will provide all patients with instructions such as: 

  • Wait to exercise until Dr. B approves you to begin. This allows the muscles around the belly button to heal. 
  • Don’t touch your incision until Dr. B says it’s okay. Fiddling with your belly button before it’s fully healed can compromise the structure of the new navel.
  • Use the compression garment Dr. B provides until he removes it. The compression garment keeps the muscles in place, allowing the belly button to heal in the correct position and shape.
  • Do not pay attention or attempt trending “shaping” methods like placing a marble on the belly button on your own. If DrBfixin believes it is needed during your healing he will let you know.  So for now, lose the marbles!

Long Island Belly Button Customization

Dr. B's Actual Patient

Before & After of DrBfixin’s Actual Patient

Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgeons overlook the belly button during a Long Island tummy tuck surgery. All tummy tucks require precision and expert technique, but the belly button often needs just as much attention to achieve a beautiful abdominoplasty. The best way to ensure your belly button meets your aesthetic standards is to find the right cosmetic surgeon. Here are some ways to ensure you’ve found the best tummy tuck surgeon in Long Island. (We know you’ll pick DrBfixin.) 

  • Utilize the before and after photos on every website you’re considering. (DrBfixin’s are superb.)
  • Ask about the specific techniques the provider uses for the belly button. (If they don’t have an answer, they probably aren’t what you’re looking for.)  
  • Share images of your ideal navel shape with your provider. (The right surgeon will honestly inform you if this is doable for your unique structure.) 

The bottom line is that the cosmetic surgeon should be able to give you accurate and in-depth information on restructuring the belly button. DrBfixin pays attention to the navel region; he knows it is the finishing touch on a well-done tummy tuck. No matter your goals, Dr. B has the perfect solution for your belly button needs.

Wonder If Semaglutide Weight Loss Works The Best For You?


If you struggle with excess skin around your abdomen that doesn’t respond to exercise or diet, a skin removal surgery may be right for you. However, during a consultation, DrBfixin can help find the best cosmetic solution for your needs.

The cost of a massive weight loss surgery depends on the extent of the surgery, the number of procedures, and if belly button reshaping is required. Dr. BFxin will provide a custom quote during a consultation.

Every surgery comes with certain risks like infection, bleeding, scarring, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. When working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, the risks are significantly reduced. DrBfixin will ensure every patient is safe to undergo the procedure first.

Dr. B's Actual Patient

BFixin’s Baddie Belly Buttons For Tummy Tucks In Long Island

Dr. Scott Blyer (we call him DrBfixin) is an astounding cosmetic surgeon in Long Island. He is a triple-board certified fellowship cosmetic surgeon who has spent decades honing his craft. He has perfected the complex techniques to create beautiful belly buttons for every Long Island tummy tuck. DrBfixin makes the most natural-looking belly buttons in Long Island.   

Every belly button deserves the time and effort DrBfixin dedicates. Your belly button doesn’t have to look strange, it can remain beautiful at Cameo Surgery Center. Get a BFixin Baddie Belly Button and schedule a consultation by calling or texting  631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

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