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When most people consider the appearance of the under eyes, they either apply concealer or try to get more sleep. As the area with the thinnest skin on the face, the under eyes can become temporarily pigmented due to lack of sleep and other conditions. With age, this pigmentation along with hollowing can become permanent and worsen. Treating the under eyes can be tricky, finding the right provider and procedure is key. Dr. Scott Blyer at Cameo Surgery Center can help patients find the best procedures including the best under eye filler Long Island and NYC performs.

Overview: What Is Under Eye Filler?

Under eye filler—also sometimes called tear trough filler—is an injectable procedure that places hyaluronic acid filler to plump the under eyes. Hollowing of the under eyes is common with age and also can be genetic. It is a completely non-surgical procedure that can benefit adults of all ages.

Injecting hyaluronic acid fillers under the eyes is an off-label use. However, when performed by a qualified provider such as a cosmetic plastic surgeon or dermatologist, it is generally considered a safe and low risk procedure.


Healthy adults of any age may benefit from tear trough fillers. As a non-surgical procedure, only numbing cream is necessary and with small injection sites, there is very little risk of scarring. Thus, patients with anatomy that may benefit from under eye filler are likely good candidates. 

People with certain bleeding disorders or significant untreated conditions may not qualify. However, most people who manage their health well, and are otherwise healthy are likely good candidates. A provider at Cameo Surgery Center will evaluate a patient’s medical history, anatomy, and suitability for the procedure.

Benefits & Risks

Under eye filler is widely sought for the many cosmetic benefits it can provide. Like all medical procedures, there are some risks that patients should consider before undergoing the procedure.

Starting with the benefits, the many possible benefits may include:

  • Fill in hollows under the eyes
  • Correct the signs of aging
  • Hide dark circles or shadowing
  • Brighter looking eyes
  • Look less tired
  • Address fine lines or wrinkles
  • Reduce puffy eyes
  • Correct tear trough deformity
  • Disguise visible blood vessels due to thin skin and fat loss
  • Help bring symmetry and balance to the face
  • Does not involve several injections
  • Non-surgical
  • Immediate results
  • Few side effects
  • Minimal pain
  • Quick procedure
  • Performed by an expert filler injector at Cameo Surgery Center

Overall, under eye fillers are a low risk procedure. Major complications from tear trough filler injections are rare. Though, patients should still understand the possible risks, how to avoid them, and what to do if they occur. Some of the possible risks include:

  • Prolonged or severe side effects
  • Blood vessel occlusion
  • Nodule formation
  • Unsatisfactory results
  • Tyndall effect
  • Dry eyes
  • Blindness

When injected correctly and precisely by a qualified medical professional, there is little risk of major issues. Any adverse events are generally mild, treatable, temporary, and resolve within a few days to weeks.

Tear Trough Filler Process

When a patient first comes in for their Long Island tear trough filler injections, the patient’s provider at Cameo Surgery Center will first disinfect the under eye area. They may also apply a numbing agent. As the skin numbs, the provider will prepare the filler and discuss the procedure further with the patient.

The injector may use either the needle or cannula method. Using a needle, the injector will directly inject the filler. This may require multiple injections in each under eye area. The cannula method uses only one injection site for each under eye area. It also lowers trauma to the tissues and cuts the risk of injecting into a blood vessel. Both are effective and may be indicated and specific situations. With either method, the injections usually take under ten minutes.

Once the filler is injected, the provider may gently massage the area to help the filler settle into the correct area and position. Additionally, the filler contains a small amount of lidocaine which helps ease the pain during and after the injections. Patients may notice some redness and swelling after the injections.

Wonder If Under Eye Filler Works The Best For You?


Only hyaluronic acid fillers are used under the eye. The under eye is a sensitive area and contains many vessels. Semi-permanent fillers pose too much risk to the site and will likely look less natural than soft, malleable hyaluronic acid fillers. Additionally, hyaluronic acid fillers are dissolvable which makes them a safer option since complications can be easily avoided.

Examples of possible under eye fillers include:

  • Restylane Refyne
  • Juvederm Volbella
  • Restylane Defyne
  • Juvederm Vollure

After learning the patient’s goals for treatment and examining the area, the injector can help the patient choose the right hyaluronic acid filler.

Eye bags are a common complaint among patients. Depending on the cause and exact presentation of the eye bags, injections may or may not address the eye bags. If a patient has festoons or excess skin under the eyes, fillers likely will not help. However, if it is generally puffy, then fillers may help alleviate some of it. An experienced provider can help patients understand if fillers are right for them.

One of the best parts about hyaluronic acid fillers is that they are dissolvable using an injectable agent called hyaluronidase. This increases the safety of the filler because it can be immediately administered in case of an allergic reaction or other complications. However, it also lets patients not commit to their filler for the several months it may last. Outside of a complication, most injectors will recommend waiting two weeks for the filler to settle and the area to heal before judging the final result of the procedure.

Unlike other commonly treated areas, the under eyes do not move frequently which can help filler last longer than it would normally. In general, tear trough filler lasts between six months and one year.

One syringe of Restylane or Juvederm filler at Cameo Surgery Center costs $689. Multiple syringes may be needed depending on the individual.

The Best Tear Trough Filler Long Island & NYC Offers At Cameo Surgery Center

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