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Breast augmentation patients often want their breasts to look and feel as natural as possible. The natural breast is compromised of different tissues than other areas of the body including the breast glands, fibrous tissue, and fat. Therefore, breast implants must take on a specific feel to accurately mimic the feel of the natural breast. Silicone breast implants are generally recommended to patients whose main priority is a natural look and feel. Dr. Blyer aka DrBfixin and Cameo Surgery Center offers the best silicone breast augmentation Long Island, NY performs.

The Science Behind Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants—like saline implants—consist of an outer silicone shell. Inside, the breast implant is filled with silicone gel. Older breast implants involved a filling that was closer to liquid silicone. Today’s silicone breast implants contain a thicker, cohesive silicone gel filling. This makes them less prone to rupture and leakage.

Silicone gel feels like real breast tissue because it is soft and malleable. Yet, it is still firm and springs back to its original shape. This is why so many patients and plastic surgeons prefer silicone implants in most cases. They tend to provide the most natural results.

Types Of Silicone Breast Implants

All silicone implants contain silicone gel. However, there are differences between them that can influence the outcome of breast augmentation surgery. Most patients have an idea of what size they want to be after their silicone breast augmentation. However, finding the implant that will get them there is not always straightforward and requires the advice of an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. B at Cameo Surgery Center.

Smooth vs. Textured

Silicone breast implants come in two different textures. The most well know is the smooth breast implant which contains a smooth surface and is normally transparent. Some of the benefits of choosing smooth silicone implants include:

  • Softest implant choice
  • Drops more which looks more natural
  • May settle into the final position faster
  • May have better overall longevity
  • Can move around within the breast pocket without distorting the look of the breasts

Advantages of textured breast implants include:

  • Minimizes scarring around the implant which leads to a softer feel when inside the body
  • Prevents implant from moving in the breast pocket
  • May decrease the risk of capsular contracture by preventing too much scar tissue formation
  • Integrates with tissues
  • May benefit breast revision and breast reconstruction patients
  • Less dropping of the breasts (beneficial in certain situations, but not all)

Smooth vs. Textured

Silicone breast implants come in two main shapes: round and anatomical (also called teardrop). Both can offer amazing results when it comes to breast implant surgery. The patient’s existing breast anatomy and the specific situation can also make one shape more viable than the other.

The advantages of choosing a round breast implant include:

  • Can choose between smooth or textured implants
  • Evenly provide more fullness to both the upper and lower poles
  • May help create more cleavage
  • Were once the only shape available, so patients are often familiar with what the final result will look like
  • Provides more lift
  • Look slightly bigger than teardrop implants

The advantages of choosing a teardrop-shaped implant include:

  • Better mimics the natural shape of the breast
  • Keeps shape when laying down
  • Create a natural sloping shape to the breasts
  • May benefit petite patients without enough breast tissue to hide a round implant
  • Less movement contributes to a more stable shape
  • Most natural looking

Traditional Silicone vs. Gummy Bear

Silicone gel filled implants come with two different types of gel fillings. Both are silicone gel, but the primary difference is their cohesiveness and firmness. Traditional silicone breast implants use a silicone gel where the implant is cohesive but maintains an extremely soft feel. 

Gummy bear implants have similar filling except it is much more cohesive and form stable. It also is firmer and the feel is comparable to a gummy bear, hence the implant’s nickname. There are several benefits to choosing either a traditional silicone filling or the more cohesive filling. Dr. B helps patients choose the best implant for each patient during their consultation.

Wonder If Silicone Breast Augmentation Works The Best For You?

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Modern silicone breast implants are designed to last over a decade. It is sometimes suggested that breast implants be exchanged every 10 years. However, if there is no issue or need to alter the implants, a replacement is not necessary.

The risk of a breast implant rupture does increase by one percent each year. Therefore, it is important to see Dr. B if any changes occur or if there is a concern. Some implant manufacturers also offer lifetime warranties that include ruptures at any point after silicone breast augmentation surgery. However, this differs among companies and implants. Make sure to understand if your implants come with a warranty or not, and if so, what the warranty is.

Due to natural differences between any two pairs of breasts, there is no standard implant size that will provide all women with the same cup size. Two women could each receive a 350cc breast implant and have different cup sizes after surgery. Patients should come in with an approximate idea of their desired size. They can then try on sizers and consult with Dr. B to ensure they select the correct size of breast implant.

here are no weight restrictions related to breast augmentation surgery. It is a quick and safe procedure. With that said, if a patient is extremely under or over a healthy BMI with no obvious explanation (such as increased muscle mass), this may impact candidacy for surgery depending on other factors of their health and medical history.

There are three incision options for placing silicone breast implants:
  • Inframammary: The most common location for breast augmentation incisions, the inframammary fold can hide scarring. This type of incision is also ideal if a patient chooses especially large implants.
  • Periareolar: Using the edge of the areola to disguise the incision, this type of breast augmentation is easily hidden under clothing. However, it does come with the most risk of losing nipple sensitivity and the ability to breastfeed. It may be ideal for patients undergoing certain reconstructive surgeries.
  • Transaxillary: A transaxillary breast augmentation incision uses the armpit to access the breasts and pectoral muscle. This is an extremely inconspicuous location that keeps scarring off the breasts and is well hidden.

Silicone breast augmentation in Long Island, NY at Cameo Surgery Center starts at $8,500. After a consultation with Dr. B, patients will receive a formalized price quote.

The Best Long Island Breast Augmentation

Dr. Scott Blyer—better known as DrBfixin on social media—is a board certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience in breast augmentation surgery. He performs all major surgical techniques for placing breast implants. Alongside his own surgery practice, Dr. Blyer has served as Medical Director for cosmetic surgery fellowships. He aims to provide the best possible care for all of his patients. Cameo Surgery Center offers the best breast augmentation Long Island, New York offers.

To learn more about gummy bear implants and schedule a consultation, call us at 631-232-2636. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator. Dr. B and the Cameo Surgery Center team look forward to meeting you and helping you meet your aesthetic goals.

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