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Heart or oval shaped faces are considered the ideal face shapes for women. For men, a squarer face is acceptable, but an overly prominent or wide jaw generally is not preferred. Of course, everyone has their own preference and one face shape is not superior to another. These beauty standards will also change and evolve with time. However, for certain patients, masseter Botox can help them achieve these slimmer jaw contours. Cameo Surgery Center provides the best face slimming Botox Long Island and NYC Offers.

Understanding Masseter Botox & How It Works

The muscle that runs over the back of the jaw—the masseter muscle—can have an impact on the shape of the face. With increased jaw clenching or teeth clenching, it is common in men and women for the masseter to become overly large. Rates of teeth grinding—also called bruxism—have sharply increased in the last decade, in particular, involuntary teeth grinding which often occurs due to stress.

Some people may also genetically have a larger masseter muscle which can distort the shape of the face. Other circumstances that cause an enlarged masseter can include frequent or habitual gum chewing, TMJ, or overuse of one or both sides of the jaw. Since the issue is related to muscle overgrowth, Botox injections offer a potential solution.

Botulinum toxin injections contain a small, diluted version of the toxin that causes botulism. Administering at such small doses allows doctors to localize the relaxation of muscles. In the cosmetic world, doctors use Botox to treat and prevent wrinkles. With repeated treatment, it can weaken the muscle enough to prevent unwanted movement. Thus, when injecting Botox into the masseter muscle consistently can help reduce the size and protrusion of the masseter muscle. However, with properly performed Botox, other jaw and facial movements that rely on the masseter should remain unaffected following the healing period.

TMJ Treatment

A lesser known benefit of facial slimming Botox is that it can help treat TMJ and migraines. Firstly, TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (also sometimes abbreviated as TMD). This condition causes the jaw to become locked and usually involves pain. While the causes of TMJ are usually difficult to pinpoint, treating the masseter muscle with Botox has been shown to improve symptoms and pain in some patients with TMJ.

Botox is well known to help reduce the frequency of chronic migraines. It is FDA approved to aid in the treatment of chronic migraines. Depending on the patient’s specific presentation, migraines often cause tensing of the masseter and facial muscles. This can lead to more pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle along with several other areas of the face can help ease the frequency and severity of chronic migraines.


Masseter Botox injections come with many potential benefits for patients who choose to undergo the procedure. Some of the possible benefits include:

  • Slimmer looking face and jawline
  • Create a more balanced and/or symmetrical face shape
  • Address one side of the masseter that is larger than the other
  • Enhance jawline
  • Help contour a masculine looking jaw
  • Relieve jaw tension
  • Can help treat teeth grinding
  • May alleviate migraine pain in the area
  • Quick procedure
  • Nearly painless injections
  • Results can improve with repeated treatment
  • Safe and well understood treatment
  • May provide medical benefits
  • Can be combined with other Botox treatments
  • Performed by some of the top injectors in New York

Masseter Botox Injections

When a patient first comes in for face slimming injections, they will meet with their injector and review goals made during their consultation. Their injector may make light marks to ensure they treat the most pronounced areas. Finally, they will prep the area with alcohol.

Patients are often surprised that the procedure is generally not that painful. Numbing cream is always available, but patients usually tolerate masseter Botox injections well. When treating each masseter muscle, an injector usually injects at two to three different sites. The entire procedure can take under fifteen minutes.

Patients will likely see their face slimming results improve more after subsequent touch-up sessions. Usually, after three to four sessions, patients will reach their ideal look. Though, patients should see some results following their first session. Botox results take around two weeks to settle.

Wonder If Face Slimming Botox Works The Best For You?


Yes, while there is a small chance of affecting the smile, this would require injecting the Botox in the completely wrong muscle. An experienced provider is unlikely to do this and the smile should remain unaffected. In the days following treatment, it is possible to feel some discomfort when smiling or to feel jaw stiffness which causes pain when smiling. This is normal, especially if a patient experiences the rare side effect of noticeable swelling or bruising. As long as the mouth is movable and not drooping downward, the jaw Botox should not affect the smile.

Masseter Botox has a similar longevity to Botox injected elsewhere. Patients generally get face slimming Botox refreshed every three to six months. Depending on the specific treatment, results can last up to six months for some patients.

Candidates for face slimming Botox are people who feel their face has become too bulky or feel that they have too round of a face. Also, anyone experiencing TMJ or bruxism can also benefit from masseter Botox injections. 

As a non-surgical procedure, the medical requirements for undergoing treatment are low. If a patient is generally healthy and is not allergic to any of the ingredients of Botox, they can likely undergo face slimming Botox injections safely.

Dr. B or the patient’s injector will also ensure that the increased fullness is not due to another cause. Occasionally, health or dental problems can also cause fullness near the masseter muscle. Even if there are other contributing factors, making the masseter smaller may have some benefits for some patients. Most people with qualifying anatomy are good candidates for masseter Botox

Both filler and Botox can help contour the jaw and jawline. They can create amazing results when used properly on the right patient. However, they have different use cases. Botox helps slim the look of the jawline while fillers add shape and potentially augment the jaw. 

For example, a man may want a square jaw but naturally have a weaker jaw. Using fillers can help create a square jaw. Conversely, some men may end up with an overgrown masseter muscle that makes a naturally square jaw project too far outwards and widen the face. Botox can help slim the face while maintaining a square jaw.

Yes, Dysport, Xeomin, etc., and other similar treatments that contain Botulinum toxin can work to slim the face when injected into the masseter muscle.

Botox at Cameo Surgery Center starts at $10 per unit. The masseter muscles take about 25 units per side. However, this will differ from patient to patient depending on their muscle thickness and anything specific they want to treat. An injector can help patients determine the right amount of Botox and the total cost of face slimming Botox on Long Island.

The Best Masseter Botox Injections Long Island & NYC

Cameo Surgery Center is a leading cosmetic surgery practice and medical spa located in Islandia, New York. Headed by renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Scott Blyer, aka DrBFixin, the injectors at Cameo Surgery Center are among the best and travel all around the world to offer their expertise and train new aesthetic injectors. Cameo Surgery Center offers the best masseter Botox Long Island and NYC provides.

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