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While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most of us want our eyes to appear bright and alert to the rest of the world. However, aging can bring various cosmetic issues to the face, especially the under-eye. Many experience the development of baggy skin, dark circles, and deep lines under the eyes that create a worn-out appearance. This drastic change to the under-eye region can create embarrassment or low self-esteem for many people.  People think they look old or tired.

At Cameo Surgery Center, Dr. Scott Blyer, or DrBfixin, knows how crucial refreshed eyes are to a radiant complexion. He performs the leading lower blepharoplasty surgery in Long Island for every patient who is sick and tired of looking sick and tired.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

If constantly being asked if you haven’t had enough sleep is actually making you exhausted, you’re not alone. Swollen or puffy under eyes are a common issue that often develops as we age. When we are young, a layer underneath our under-eye region is taut, holding back the skin and fat around the under eyes. This layer, known as the orbital septum, helps create a flawless, bright-eyed appearance. Some people are born with a weak spetum and develop this look early on.  

However, with age comes a loss of elasticity in many areas, including the orbital septum. When this layer loses its strength and loosens its hold on the skin and fat, it protrudes forward, creating puffy under-eye bags, deep lines, and sagging skin. Lower blepharoplasty, Long Island, NYC, is the leading treatment for eliminating this unwanted cosmetic challenge.

Understanding Lower Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that eliminates sagging skin and bulging fat from around the eyes. It can be performed on the lower and upper lids, but lower blepharoplasty targets the under-eye region. DrBfixin uses various surgical methods depending on the challenges the patient wants to be addressed. Lower blepharoplasty is a delicate procedure, as the eyes are an intricate part of our physical makeup and require precision and advanced training when cosmetically correcting them.  

Every pair of eyes is unique and has a different structure and beauty. DrBfixin works to tailor the lower eyelid surgery, Long Island, to fit every patient’s aesthetic desires and overall eye shape.

Benefits Of Lower Blepharoplasty

DrBfixin knows that anyone struggling with bulging under-eyes faces daily challenges. Whether you are attempting to hide your under eyes with makeup or are exhausted from others asking if you’re okay due to your eyes, lower blepharoplasty can change your confidence and restore a bright, beautiful gaze. Benefits of lower blepharoplasty include: 

  • Increased happiness in appearance and confidence
  • Reduced appearance of bulging under eyes
  • Restores volume to hollow-appearing eyes
    Can eliminate deep lines around the under eyes
  • Removal of sagging under-eye skin
  • Scars have low visibility and are minimal or even nonexistent
  • Eliminates constant questioning of being tired or sick
  • Long-term solution
  • Quick procedure
  • Stunning results
  • Performed by a leading Long Island lower blepharoplasty surgeon

Risks Of Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty was a riskier procedure in the early years of its existence, as surgeons were not familiar with the procedure or were too harsh on the complex under-eye region. Today, with the advancement of technology and surgical methods, it poses much less risk and is a safe and effective surgery. However, some risks can include: 

  • Complications with blinking or closing the eyes
  • Signs of surgery or scarring
  • Damage to the eye or surrounding muscle 
  • Infection 
  • Bleeding 
  • Irritation or dryness of the eyes
  • Pigmentation discoloration 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Loss of vision (extremely rare) 

Finding an experienced cosmetic surgeon can prevent complications from occurring. DrBfixin understands the precision and technique needed to ensure a safe and successful lower blepharoplasty for every patient.

Lower Blepharoplasty Techniques

Finding a cosmetic surgeon who understands the intricacy and dynamic nature of the lower eyelids is crucial when considering lower blepharoplasty. The lower lids are a complex area because they provide many functional uses for the eyes. The lower lids aid in the natural blinking process and tear flow. Depending on the specific challenges and issues you want addressed, DrBfixin can use varying surgical methods to provide the ideal outcome that suits the intricate area.

To address loose skin of the lower lids:

The Skin Pinch Method

For a pinch lower blepharoplasty, Long Island, NYC, DrBfixin creates small incisions directly beneath the lower lash line and around the outside corner of the eyes. He will then pull together or pinch the skin underneath the eyes tight, eliminating any hanging skin in the tear trough region.  The recovery is minimal, and you can resume your routine almost immediately.  The scar with this technique usually heals incredibly well. 
Laser skin resurfacing or a 35% TCA peel can be used to tighten the skin as well.   These techniques may require some skin preparation with creams before and after the procedure to minimize the risk of pigment changes.  But this is a “non-incision” option for skin tightening under the eyes.

Adding Or Repositioning Fat To The Hollow Areas Under The Eye

For some people, what looks like a bag is actually hollowness around the natural fat that is under the eye.  This can be addressed by repositioning the fat that is there.  For some, a better option is removing a small amount of fat from the belly or other unwanted area and injecting it into the tear trough (or hollow area) above or below the fat that is there.  For those who do not want to use fat, hyaluronic (HA) fillers are a non-permanent reversible option.  

There are times when people with tired-looking lower eyelids can benefit from a combination of these procedures listed above.

The Transconjunctival Approach

If it appears that you have “bags” under your eyes, this approach is likely the best for you.  It is incredible in that it leaves no scar on your face.  The incision is made inside the lid, and the fat responsible for the bags is gently removed.  No stitches are needed, and there is no scar.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Long Island

DrBfixin will consult with every patient before they undergo lower blepharoplasty Long Island, NYC. He wants to ensure the surgery is the best solution for your cosmetic challenges and that you can safely undergo the procedure. Once this has been established, he will provide instructions for surgery preparation. 

During the procedure, DrBfixin will perform whichever method of lower blepharoplasty is decided upon during the consultation. The most commonly performed method includes incisions in the lower lash line or in the under-eye lid. 

Once the surgery is complete, you will recover at the center for a few hours to ensure the procedure went well before leaving Cameo Surgery Center with a loved one.

The Recovery Process 

The healing process from a lower blepharoplasty Long Island, NYC, is a fairly easy recovery. Still, patients may want to plan to take off from daily routines and work for one to two weeks. This is due to the significant bruising that can occur under the eyes, which may interfere with daily life. The initial minimal discomfort should subside after the first few days, but the bruising and swelling can last for seven to fourteen days, depending on the individual patient and their rate of recovery. Some recovery guidelines that DrBfixin may suggest include: 

  • Place an icepack gently on the eyes multiple times during the day
  • Drink water and get plenty of rest
  • Arnica supplements
  • Bromelain supplements
  • Rest with the head in an elevated position
  • Avoid any direct contact with the sun
  • Use any prescriptions provided by DrBfixin
  • Avoid any exercise for at least a week
  • Do not touch your eyes
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid alcohol consumption

Dr. B's Actual Patient

Wonder If Lower Blepharoplasty Works The Best For You?


The price of a lower blepharoplasty in NYC depends on the cosmetic surgery center and the various techniques used during the procedure. DrBfixin provides a custom quote for each patient during a consultation. 

It’s common for patients to undergo lower and upper blepharoplasty simultaneously. Combining the procedures not only addresses cosmetic issues for both areas but can save patients recovery downtime and the cost of separate surgeries. 

There is no right or wrong age for a patient to undergo lower blepharoplasty. However, most patients with a lower blepharoplasty surgery are in their mid-forties to early fifties. This is often when the early stages of aging are beginning to show, and the procedure can help prevent further eye bags from occurring.

The Top Lower Blepharoplasty Surgeon In Long Island, NYC

Dr. Scott Blyer is a charismatic and hilarious cosmetic surgeon who takes his work seriously. Patients love him for his genuine care, humor, and stunning results. He is a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon who understands the delicate nature of every procedure and provides the best lower blepharoplasty for every Long Island patient.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.

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