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The nose is the focal point of the face. While not usually the feature first noticed, it can set the tone for how the rest of the face is perceived, or draw the eye away from otherwise pleasant features. Due to this, rhinoplasty surgery remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. However, not all patients want surgery and not all noses require it. This is where a non-surgical rhinoplasty may help. Cameo Surgery Center provides the best non-surgical nose job Long Island and NYC offers.

Overview: How Does A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Work?

A non-surgical nose job uses injectable fillers to strategically enhance the shape of the nose. Most commonly, it treats unwanted dorsal humps and bumps on the bridge of the nose and a drooping nose tip. The procedure is performed in-office, requires only topical numbing cream, and can often be performed in less than thirty minutes.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the most frequently used for nose filler injections. However, in some cases, semi-permanent fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse may be used. Also, it is important to note that non-surgical rhinoplasty cannot achieve everything a surgical one can. Thus, it is important to consult with Dr. Blyer first to determine if the non-surgical route is viable based on the patient’s desired results.


A liquid rhinoplasty procedure comes with many benefits for patients who want to enhance their nose without surgery, or who want to address a minor concern. The possible benefits and advantages of a non-surgical nose job may include:

  • Correct a dorsal hump or other bumps on the bridge of the nose
  • Straighter nasal bridge
  • Address a drooping nose tip
  • Improve nose and face symmetry
  • Reversible results
  • No scarring
  • Few side effects
  • Natural looking results
  • No downtime
  • Immediate results
  • Long lasting results
  • Costs a fraction of nose job surgery
  • Great option for patients looking to correct a previous rhinoplasty
  • Performed in a clinical environment by an experienced provider

Surgical Nose Job vs. Non-Surgical Nose Job

Traditional rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty often have similar goals. Additionally, it is attractive to patients if they can achieve the results they want without surgery. However, nose job surgery remains widely performed and popular because of its efficacy in enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose. The table below compares what each procedure can do and can help patients identify which may best benefit them.

Surgical Nose Job

  • Involves an incision
  • Basic surgical recovery and downtime expected
  • General anesthesia
  • Can improve breathing to provide medical benefit
  • Ideal for correcting a crooked nose
  • Can correct a deviated septum
  • Can make the nose smaller
  • Small scar
  • Permanent results 

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

  • No incisions
  • No recovery or downtime necessary
  • Topical anesthetic
  • Cannot improve breathing
  • Unlikely to correct a crooked nose
  • Cannot correct a deviated septum
  • Can create the illusion of a smaller nose
  • No scar
  • Results last one to two years

The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Process

Once Dr. Blyer determines that a patient will benefit from a non-surgical rhinoplasty, the injections can commence. First, Dr. Blyer will clean the nose with alcohol to disinfect the area. Then, numbing cream is applied and allowed to sit while the fillers are prepared. Dr. Blyer will then carefully inject the filler into the necessary areas. Usually, this involves the bridge of the nose and/or the tip of the nose.

The injections themselves often only take a few minutes. Afterward, Dr. B may gently massage the filler into place and make small adjustments as needed. The patient will then look at their new nose. Finally, before the patient leaves, Dr. B will provide basic aftercare instructions.

Wonder If Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Works The Best For You?


Most of the time Dr. Blyer uses hyaluronic acid fillers during nose filler injections. These fillers are also dissolvable which improves the safety of the procedure and gives the patient more freedom about their results. However, there are cases where Dr. B may recommend Radiesse or another filler that is not hyaluronic acid based.

Generally, patients opt for numbing cream which significantly dulls the feeling of the injections. The majority of nerves in the nose are inside the nose and help control the sense of smell. Therefore, patients are surprised that nose filler injections do not hurt as much as they expected. With that said, some level of discomfort is expected and normal.

Additionally, nearly all injectable fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine which also helps ease discomfort during the procedure as well as for a short time immediately after.

While hyaluronic acid fillers only last six months on average, they have been known to last over two years in the nose. This is because the nose does not move much compared to other commonly treated areas such as the lips or cheeks. The movements that do occur are small and often have little effect on the treated areas of the nose. 

Thus, with hyaluronic acid fillers, a non-surgical nose job Long Island can last an average of two years. With semi-permanent fillers like Radiesse, it can last longer, in best cases, up to four years. Still, compared to a traditional nose job surgery, it is not permanent.

No, the septum refers to the cartilage and bone that separates the nostrils. A deviated septum refers to when the septum is more to one side than the other. In slight cases, this may cause absolutely no issues or hindrances. However, some people experience breathing problems that can lead to or worsen certain medical conditions. It can also make exercise and strenuous activity difficult.

A surgical nose job is a common way to correct a deviated septum. Dermal fillers cannot achieve this or improve a deviated septum at all. Therefore, if this is one of the primary goals of nose enhancement, patients will likely be better candidates for surgical rhinoplasty.

The exact cost of a non-surgical rhinoplasty depends on what type and how much filler is used. Dr. Blyer can discuss the final cost once he evaluates the patient’s specific anatomy and understands what they hope to achieve with treatment.

The Best Non-Surgical Nose Job On Long Island With DrBfixin

Dr. Scott Blyer—known on social media as DrBFixin—is a leading Long Island cosmetic surgeon with over a decade of experience in private practice. With surgical and non-surgical treatments, he helps patients from all around the world look and feel their best. Cameo Surgery Center offers the best non-surgical rhinoplasty Long Island and NYC provides.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call 631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.

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