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The lips have always been a focal point of women’s beauty. Throughout history, women have colored and enhanced their lips to match the standards of the time. Today is no different except that we now have new technology. Lip fillers have surged in popularity since around 2010 and with more celebrities sporting thick and defined lips, more people have sought out lip plumping enhancements. Cameo Plastic Surgery performs the best lip fillers Long Island and NYC offer.

How Lip Fillers Work

Lip fillers use a liquid-gel form of hyaluronic acid to fill out the lip while remaining soft and natural feeling. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance already found in the body. Therefore, it has a low rejection and complication rate. Hyaluronic acid is also dissolvable which adds both safety and peace of mind to everyday lip filler injections. 

When injected the hyaluronic acid filler takes on the form of the lip while plumping it. The injector can use it to accentuate certain parts of the lips over others such as the Cupid’s bow. Over time, the body will metabolize the filler and then more filler is necessary to maintain results.

Lip fillers are considered the safest and most effective non-surgical lip augmentation method. However, there are other options—both non-surgical and surgical—to enhance the lips. For example, a lip flip, lip implant, or even laser treatment may provide lip enhancement.


Dermal filler injections for the lips come with many benefits for patients. While adding lip volume is the most well known benefit, there are several others. Some of the benefits of lip injections Long Island include:

  • Create poutier lips
  • Enhance Cupid’s bow or overall lip shape
  • Correct a thin upper lip
  • Disguise lip wrinkles
  • Create more youthful lips
  • Help balance facial features together
  • Increase projection of lip profile
  • Can sometimes hide scarring on the lips
  • Few risks
  • Little to no pain
  • Instant results
  • Quick procedure
  • No downtime
  • Few to no side effects
  • Performed by master injectors

Lip Shape Types & The Right Lip Enhancement Procedure

One of the considerations made concerning whether or not lip filler will benefit a specific patient or not is lip shape. Not all lip shapes will see the best results from lip filler, or may consider more effective alternatives. With that said, lip filler is possible with any lip shape with an experienced injector and a patient who understands the cosmetic risks. Below are the four most common lip shapes and what to know before getting lip filler.

Aged Lip

An aged lip will have a thin upper lip and a less defined Cupid’s bow. Wrinkles also form on and around the lips which can affect lipstick application. In general, there is a loss of volume and shape. Treating aged lips may involve dermal fillers and laser treatment of the wrinkles around the mouth. Since the philtrum—the space between the upper lip and nose—gets bigger with age, many patients with aged lips will benefit from lip lift surgery.

Long Upper Lip

A patient who presents with a longer upper lip that is also much thinner than the bottom lip is a case where fillers should be used with caution. Creating the “duck lip” look occurs more frequently in patients with this anatomy. This does not mean lip fillers are not impossible, but patients should ensure they see a qualified provider and understand the possible results. These patients may also benefit from a lip lift and/or a lip implant.

Thin Upper Lip

A naturally thin upper lip occurs when a person is born with an underdeveloped upper lip which causes it to be thinner than the bottom one. These patients may also see a major shape or symmetry difference in their natural lips as well. Filler and lip implants are options for this type of lip. With that said, filler does also need to be used carefully with these patients.

Mildly Hypoplastic

A mildly hypoplastic lip tends to have good shape, proportions, and dimensions. This may include a defined Cupid’s bow. However, the lips are just slightly thin. Fillers are an ideal treatment for these patients because they only need added volume. Though, if a patient is interested, lip implants are also possible.

Long Island Lip Filler Injections From Start To Finish

The first step the injector will take is to disinfect the lips. Based on the patient’s preferences they may also apply numbing cream. Next, they will prepare the filler and once numb, begin the injections. To adequately treat the lip, they will likely inject in multiple points across the lip called the micro-droplet technique. The exception to this is if a cannula is used. A cannula causes less damage and can inject across the entire length of the lips with one or two small injection sites.

The injections themselves usually do not take longer than ten minutes. Once finished, the injector may gently massage the lips to ensure the filler is distributed properly. Then, patients can see their results.

Wonder If Lip Fillers Works The Best For You?


The standard is changing. Before the last decade or so, the ideal ratio included the lips split into thirds with ⅔ being the bottom lip and ⅓ being the upper lip. However, now to the increased popularity of plump, defined lips, the standard is slanted towards more of a half and half ratio.

Ultimately, patients can decide what look they like best. Our injectors simply ensure the lips remain naturally proportionate based on the ideal ratios. Also, the ideal ratio may depend on the starting anatomy of the lips and what is possible.

The amount of time lip filler lasts varies based on the filler injected and the patient’s metabolism. On average, patients can enjoy their lip filler results for between twelve and sixteen months. The injector can provide an estimate based on the patient’s chosen filler and the specifics of treatment during the appointment.

Lip injections do not require any downtime or recovery. However, patients do receive some instructions to follow in the days after their treatment. Some of these aftercare instructions to follow for about 24 hours may include:

  • Do not touch the lips and remain mindful of lip movement
  • Only massage if instructed
  • Limit exercise to avoid sweating or any prolonged bending down
  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke
  • Wait to gauge final results for two weeks
  • Do not sleep face down

Patients may experience some minor side effects such as swelling and bruising. These should go away within one to two weeks. Following aftercare instructions reduces the chances of adverse or severe side effects.

Lip injections Long Island prices at Cameo Surgery Center start at $689 per syringe. The exact cost is determined based on the number of syringes used. Patients can also purchase half a syringe for $450.

The Best Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement in Long Island & NYC

Cameo Surgery Center—home to the world famous DrBfixin—provides Long Island and the NYC area with quality cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures. The injectors at Cameo Surgery Center are highly trained and sought out to train around the world. They value patient input and aim to create the patient’s optimal idea of the perfect lips. Cameo Surgery Center offers the best lip filler Long Island and NYC provides.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 631-761-6239. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.

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