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If you’ve undergone massive weight loss or undergone weight loss procedures, like a bariatric, you understand the intense process necessary to lose extreme amounts of weight. Whether you’ve lost weight through diet and exercise or a weight loss surgery, you know the hard work, dedication, and effort you must put in to overcome both journeys. 


An unfortunate product of this incredible effort can be sagging, unwanted skin around the abdomen, breasts, thighs, or arms. This can leave many still hiding beneath their clothes and unable to enjoy their extraordinary efforts. And every patient should be able to enjoy their new body and confidence.

Dr. B’s Experienced Practice On Massive Weight Loss Patients

DrBfixin understands the work effort massive weight loss patients have been through. He wants his patients to feel comfortable, confident, and excited to show off their new body. That’s why he helps weight loss patients find the beauty they worked so hard for and come to the surface. 

One of DrBfixin’s massive weight loss patients had this to say about her transformative surgeries, 

“I worked so hard to lose weight, but when I did, I still felt like I had to hide all the loose skin covering my body. I felt like all of my hard work was for nothing. Dr. B made me as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside. I used to feel depressed about my appearance, but Dr. B removed the extra skin and allowed me to enjoy my new body and hard work. I have never felt as sexy, confident, and complete as I do today.” 

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The Plan

DrBfixin will customize a plan to help every massive weight loss patient feel excellent about their effort and dedication to lose weight. These plans often require multiple surgeries and visits but are worth the life-changing benefits. Some of these surgeries can include the following list.

A tummy tuck can help remove the excess skin around the abdomen and hide stretch marks that often accompany weight loss. 

DrBfixin’s ultimate tummy tuck combines abdominoplasty with liposuction and side abdominal muscle sutures to eliminate all excess skin, flatten the abdomen, and correct any muscle separation in the abdomen. He may also need to relocate or restructure the belly button depending on the extent of the surgery. 

Upper Body Lift or “Bra Lift”

An upper body lift, or “bra lift,” addresses sagging skin in the upper back and around the sides of the chest. It eliminates unwanted rolls around the bra line and in the upper to mid area of the back.

Circumferential Body Lift

A circumferential body lift removes all excess skin around the lower torso, hips, and buttocks. This surgery is intended for patients with extreme amounts of loose skin and can completely transform their lower body.

DrBfixin can perform a breast lift to help patients with sagging skin around their breast tissue. He can remove, lift, and tighten the skin to help set the breasts in a higher location.

An arm lift will address the loose and sagging skin around the arms. For his massive weight loss patients, DrBfixin commonly adds liposuction to this procedure. This allows the arms to have shape, lose extra skin, and eliminate leftover fat deposits.

Thigh Lift

DrBfixin can perform a thigh lift during a body lift to erase any excess skin on the thighs. He can also smooth the outside of the thighs and bring shape to the inside of the thighs. For massive weight loss patients, this can help redefine their legs and show off their hard work.


A Brazilian Butt Lift can help enhance and reshape the buttocks. Massive weight loss patients often have loose skin around their rear, making it difficult for their buttocks to gain shape. A BBL can redefine the rear end and allow patients to enjoy new, shapely buttocks.

With massive weight loss comes excessive amounts of skin and sometimes wrinkles around the neck. A neck lift will help remove excess skin, tighten the remaining skin, and erase wrinkles throughout the neck.

It’s common for massive weight loss patients to lose the size and structure of the breast tissue. Breast augmentation can enhance the breasts’ cup size and shape and create beautiful body symmetry. It’s like adding the final touches to your weight loss journey. 


Combining Surgeries

DrBfixin wants all of his patients to feel beautiful, which is why he helps create the perfect sequence of surgeries for his massive weight loss patients. No two patients are alike; finding the best combination is critical to enjoying weight loss. During a consultation, DrBfixin will provide an in-depth plan and find the key surgeries your body needs. Weight loss should be celebrated, not hidden underneath clothes. Dr. B wants his patients to feel confident in the surgery plan so they can feel confident in their own skin. Some surgeries can be performed on the same day, but some may require multiple visits to perform them.

Wondering If Massive Weight Loss Surgery Will Work For You?


Almost everyone who has undergone massive weight loss has struggled with the excess skin covering their hard work. If you find yourself fighting this, skin removal and shape surgeries may be right for you. DrBfixin can help find the best procedures for your specific circumstance during a consultation.

The cost of DrBfixin’s massive weight loss patient surgeries is customized based on the type and extent of procedures a patient undergoes. Dr. B is always upfront and honest about his prices and will provide a custom quote during a consultation. 

Because the surgery is tailored to fit the patient’s specific needs, the risks can change depending on the types of surgery performed. However, infection, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia are common risks for any medical surgery. Working with a top cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. B, is the best way to mitigate risk.

Top Massive Weight Loss Surgeon, Dr. Scott Blyer

Dr. Scott Blyer, AKA DrBfixin, knows the extreme effort and dedication it takes to lose extensive amounts of weight. His care goes beyond the scalpel and to each individual patient. He has over two decades of experience helping patients eliminate the sagging skin from their bodies and experience the joy of their hard work. There is no better plastic surgeon in New York to help massive weight loss patients uncover their true selves.

To learn more and schedule a semaglutide consultation, call us at 631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online using our chat or contact form.

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