Can I Wear A Bralette After Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery, patients usually wake up in a provided surgical bra. Like a sports bra, it has no underwire and supports the breasts by keeping them secured and snug against the chest. Unlike more traditional bras, this usually does not create cleavage and is solely to keep the breasts from moving too much.


The surgical bra works similarly but also helps keep swelling down by providing limited compression to the breasts and surrounding areas. Wearing a bra after surgery is important because it prevents the implants from settling incorrectly or moving too much. This also helps prevent stress on the incision and generally leads to a more comfortable recovery.


After the initial couple of weeks, many patients want to switch from their surgical bra to another one that may be more flattering or look better with their normal clothing. This can be okay depending on the type of bra the patient wants to wear. Dr. Blyer may still recommend that the patient wear their surgical bra at night. Let’s look at the many different types of bras and whether it may be okay to wear them after breast implant surgery.


Traditional/Underwire Bras

Patients should not begin wearing normal bras with an underwire before at least six to eight weeks post-surgery. Dr. B will clear the patient to begin wearing underwire bras again and the exact timeline will vary based on the patient’s results and how they heal. Wearing underwire bras too soon can cause the implants to settle incorrectly. They can also rub against incisions and cause infection, re-open the incision, or otherwise cause issues in the area.


Non-Underwire Bras

Whether or not patients can wear a bra without an underwire will depend on the exact design of the bra. It must provide adequate support without being too tight around the bust or irritating the incision area. If in doubt, Dr. B can take a look at the bra you want to wear post-surgery and approve it during a post-operative visit. Still, it should not be worn before Dr. B says it is okay to wear bras other than the surgical bra. Patients generally should wear the surgical bra 24/7 for at least two to four weeks before considering wearing other types of bras.



Depending on the style, bralettes may be a great option for wearing during the day. As long as it provides proper support without an underwire and does not rub on any incisions uncomfortably, it is likely fine. Though, always check with Dr. B following surgery to ensure the bralette you want to wear is suitable.


Sports Bras

Sports bras are usually safe to wear after breast augmentation surgery. Sometimes, Dr. B may allow a patient to wear a sports bra rather than a surgical bra as long as it meets the criteria necessary. If the surgical bra needs washed or you simply do not like wearing the same bra day and night, a sports bra is a great daily option.



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