Did Selena Gomez Have Plastic Surgery?

Selena Gomez is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities. While she has never confirmed whether or not she has gone under the knife, her reputation as an alluring and gorgeous actress inevitably has led to plastic surgery rumors. It is impossible to know if these rumors are true without Selena confirming them herself, but let’s take a look at what some believe she has had done.


#1: Fox Eye Surgery


Having been in the spotlight since she was a child, most people agree that any changes to Selena’s face have been non-surgical or exceptionally minimal. However, some speculate that she may have had fox eye surgery fairly recently. “Fox eye surgery” refers to a type of eye surgery that changes the shape of the eyes slightly to give them a more alluring and fox-like appearance. Several other celebrities have been rumored to have undergone this surgery such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.


While some think Selena’s more sculpted eye shape is due to plastic surgery, others believe it is simply a combination of aging and the side effects of her lupus medication such as weight gain. Additionally, makeup is frequently used to emulate a fox eye which is likely also at play regardless of whether she got the surgery or not.


#2: Breast Augmentation


One surgery that seems slightly more likely is breast augmentation. Selena has always been slim and has boasted larger breasts in the last few years which contradicts her natural body type. However, it is important to note, that Selena has gained weight due to lupus. This will naturally increase the size of the breasts. Despite this, many think that Selena Gomez breast implants are behind a rounder shape and increased upper pole fullness.


Unless Selena confirms these rumors, we will not know for sure if her fuller breasts are simply due to weight gain or if she underwent plastic surgery. Additionally, red carpet events and similar events are not always the best time to judge a celebrity’s body appearance because several factors can make a celebrity look like they have more or less curves.


#3: Non-Surgical Enhancements


Along with surgery, some have speculated that Selena has undergone non-surgical enhancements such as Botox, cheek filler, and lip filler. Selena likely has professional skin treatments and this could include injectables as well as chemical peels, microneedling, or laser treatments. These subtler enhancements are much harder to identify, especially since if Selena has gotten filler, it is not overdone or exaggerated.


Similarly, Selena has not discussed whether or not she has gotten cosmetic injections. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether or not she has had any work done—surgical or non-surgical.




Regardless of whether or not Selena has gone under the knife to enhance her beauty, her natural beauty is undeniable. No one should feel shame for wanting to maintain or enhance their appearance. If Selena truly did get plastic surgery, it was well done and suited to her natural features well. Luckily, such plastic surgery is not out of reach for non-celebrities. Dr. Scott Blyer offers high quality cosmetic surgery in Long Island, NY.

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