What Is The Smallest Breast Implant Size?

Many who hear about breast augmentation picture large or overly voluptuous breasts. This is partly due to the portrayal of breast implants in the media and the constant discussion around cosmetic surgery and enhancements. While this is an ideal goal for many patients, it can be off-putting for those who want a little more cleavage but do not want large breasts.


Some patients have a more petite frame or athletic build that does not aesthetically fit large breast implants. However, there are smaller implants that are designed with these patients in mind and can provide the added volume without too much bust. 

Why Get Smaller Breast Implants? 

Breast implants on the smaller side can create natural-looking results that still add volume to the chest. Adding volume with a breast augmentation, in New York City doesn’t have to mean a drastic change. In fact, you can leave people guessing about your new frame. Some additional benefits of small breast implants include: 

  • Fits slender or athletic frames
  • Better for patients with sagging breast tissue 
  • Provides natural appearing volume 
  • Can fix asymmetrical breast tissue 

There are many incredible reasons to receive smaller breast implants, as they can provide equally outstanding benefits. 

What Are Small Breast Implant Options?

For those looking for a small breast augmentation, in New York City, there are other options aside from breast implants that can provide a slight enhancement to the breast tissue. A breast lift or fat transfer to breasts can give a sculpted and enhanced appearance to the breasts. However, these provide minimal cup sizes and heavily depend on the patient’s needs and physical makeup.    


The Smallest Breast Implant Size 

There is a vast selection of breast implant sizes that accommodate almost every body shape and figure. However, breast augmentation, in New York City, measures implants differently than standard cup sizing. Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters or ccs. Breast implants can range from 125ccs to 800ccs. Large breast implants start in the 400cc range. However, this heavily depends on your size and stature. 


The smallest implant size is around 125ccs, which adds a highly minimal amount of volume. Anything under 200ccs will only increase the breast’s cup size at most. However, the implant profile also affects the size of the breast tissue. A small implant profile will create a minimal protrusion from the chest. 


Overall, small implants are from 125cc to 200cc, depending on the patient’s stature. The best way to determine what implant size is right for you is to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon. A highly trained provider will be able to take your aesthetic goals, figure, and physical needs into consideration and guide you to your ideal implant size.  


Breast augmentation, in New York City can provide incredible breast implants even if you want a smaller size. At Cameo Surgery Center, DrBFixin helps every patient find the implant size that suits their aesthetic goals and figure. Whether you want implants that big, small, or somewhere in between, DrBFixin has you covered.

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Dr. Scott Blyer
Dr. Scott Blyer, also known as DrBfixin, is a Cosmetic Surgeon in NY with three board certifications and over 16 years of expertise. He honed his skills at institutions like Penn State, Stony Brook, and North Shore University Hospital and pursued an advanced fellowship in Texas.
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