Can You Reshape Your Nose Without Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery—colloquially known as a nose job—remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Situated in the center of our features, the size and shape of the nose significantly impact the overall appearance of the face. Therefore, if a patient feels their nose is too big or that the shape does not complement their face, this can cause a patient significant distress.


While rhinoplasty is highly effective and the techniques well defined, not all patients want to undergo surgery, particularly if their complaint is relatively minor. Some patients also simply want to avoid unnecessary surgery. For some patients, a rhinoplasty can help improve breathing, but for others, it is a purely cosmetic surgery. Is it possible to get the cosmetic benefits of a nose job without surgery?


What Is A Non-Surgical Nose Job?


A non-surgical nose job uses dermal filler injections to reshape the nose. Often, Dr. B will inject filler into the bridge of the nose and/or the tip to improve the shape and orientation of the nose. It should be noted that while a non-surgical rhinoplasty can achieve several of the cosmetic benefits of a nose job surgery, it cannot replicate them all. Patients who want to correct a deviated septum or their nostrils, improve breathing, or make the nose smaller (not just look smaller) are best seeking out surgery.


Pros & Cons


The pros and cons of undergoing a non-surgical rhinoplasty versus a surgical rhinoplasty may vary between patients. However, some common ones affect all or most patients undergoing a non-surgical nose job.


The pros of a non-surgical nose job may include:

  • No general anesthesia necessary
  • Patients can drive themselves to and from the appointment
  • No major recovery or time off work needed
  • Instant results
  • No splints or packing inside the nose
  • Allows patients to see the results of a rhinoplasty without committing to the look
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Ideal for treating small concerns
  • More patients qualify for treatment


The potential cons of a non-surgical nose job may include:

  • Temporary results (the best results last an average of two to three years)
  • Requires maintenance to upkeep results
  • Cannot address major concerns such as a crooked nose, deviated septum, or breathing issues
  • Does not alter the overall structure of the nose


Reshape Your Nose Without Surgery With Dr. B


Dr. Blyer—or DrBfixin—of Cameo Surgery Center frequently performs both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs. When using dermal fillers to shape the nose, he carefully maps out the existing anatomy of the nose, where to (and where not to) inject, and a thorough discussion of the final results.


After numbing the skin of the nose (if requested), Dr. B will gently inject hyaluronic acid fillers into strategic points of the nose. The most common injection sites include along the bridge of the nose and near the tip of the nose. Hyaluronic acid fillers also contain a small amount of lidocaine to promote patient comfort. Dr. B may gently massage the filler into place for the best possible results and to help it settle.


The entire procedure can take twenty minutes or less depending on the patient’s exact needs. Dr. B does offer numbing cream for the procedure. He can also perform a non-surgical rhinoplasty during an unrelated surgery such as a breast augmentation or BBL.




The best candidates for a non-surgical nose job are people who are generally healthy but do not want or cannot undergo a traditional rhinoplasty surgery. There are several legitimate reasons why a patient may choose the non-surgical technique over the surgical one.


While a patient’s health is taken into account, it is less of a factor than with surgery. Since only simple injections are administered, patients who may not otherwise qualify to go under general anesthesia may be able to see results with the non-surgical method. Additionally, patients who have an extremely small or minor flaw may find it more worth it to get a non-surgical nose job versus a much more expensive procedure that may provide over correction of their concern.


Finally, another type of ideal candidate includes those who do not want the results to be permanent. For example, some patients considering a surgical rhinoplasty like to get an idea of their results. Using dermal fillers to simulate their results allows patients to live with their results to determine if the more permanent surgery is the best course of action.


The Best Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty By Dr. B


Dr. Scott Blyer and Cameo Surgery Center make up one of NYC and Long Island’s top cosmetic surgery clinics and medical spas. With unique expertise and a penchant for innovation, Dr. B works to meet patients where they are and craft the right treatment plan for them. For those considering a non-surgical nose job, he can help patients determine if they are a candidate, how it compares to a surgical rhinoplasty in their case, and the results achievable with dermal fillers.


To learn more about non-surgical rhinoplasty at Cameo Surgery Center, call us at 631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online through our contact form, chat, or Price Simulator.

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Dr. Scott Blyer
Dr. Scott Blyer, also known as DrBfixin, is a Cosmetic Surgeon in NY with three board certifications and over 16 years of expertise. He honed his skills at institutions like Penn State, Stony Brook, and North Shore University Hospital and pursued an advanced fellowship in Texas.
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