How To Get A BBL Without Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift is one of the most sought out cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. It seems everyone is seeking a shapelier and larger backside. The most common way to achieve this is through a surgical BBL. This involves using liposuction to harvest fat from elsewhere on the body and transferring it into the buttocks. While this does create a lasting and natural looking effect, it does require that a patient undergo surgery and have enough body fat to transfer to the buttocks. 


Is It Possible To Get A BBL Without Surgery?


Yes, though, not for everyone. Dr. B will almost always recommend a surgical BBL over a non-surgical BBL when a patient is a good candidate for the surgery. However, the non-surgical version of the procedure does let patients with little natural body fat; those who cannot undergo traditional surgery; or those who want to avoid a surgical procedure altogether, to augment the buttocks.


Most non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts use a long term filler such as Sculptra or Radiesse to increase projection and create shape. Using between an average of ten and fifteen vials, Dr. B injects the filler in various places along the buttocks and hips. There is usually a visible result, though it may reduce in size temporarily during the recovery process.


Sculptra and Radiesse work by stimulating the body’s natural collagen as it dissolves over the course of many years. This can help provide some lasting results. However, a non-surgical BBL will usually need to be refreshed at some point. Sometimes Sculptra will cause some slight deflation post-procedure. This is expected. The volume should return as Sculptra settles and stimulates the body’s collagen.


The Non-Surgical BBL Procedure


A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is generally performed under local anesthesia. Patients may choose to take an oral sedative before the procedure. Dr. B will then inject the chosen filler at strategic points across the buttocks and hips to create the patient’s desired shape. The exact amount of filler and injections necessary will depend on the patient’s existing anatomy and goals.


The procedure takes around thirty minutes to an hour. If a patient is undergoing another unrelated cosmetic surgery, it may be possible to perform a non-surgical BBL while the patient is under general anesthesia. However, patients typically remain perfectly comfortable with local anesthesia because the injection sites are adequately numbed before the procedure.


Things To Know About Non-Surgical BBLs

  • Everyone’s body responds differently: When Dr. B injects dermal fillers into the buttocks, the body will respond by beginning the healing process. Sometimes—during this natural process—the body prematurely dissolves the filler. This may necessitate touch-ups later. Additionally, based on a patient’s metabolism and other factors, the results may last longer for some versus others.

  • Surgical results are (almost) always better: It is completely understandable if a patient is weary of surgery. However, in nearly all cases, a surgical procedure will provide a patient with a better and longer lasting result because it uses real fat instead of fillers. However, if a patient truly does not have enough fat for a surgical BBL, a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is a wonderful option.

  • There is still a recovery: While not as extensive as that of a surgical BBL, patients will still need to limit physical activities for around a week or two. Patients should also avoid sitting on the buttocks as much as possible. A BBL pillow is not necessary, but would not hurt to use it to promote the best results. Patients may also experience some minor side effects, but generally, do not need prescription pain medications. They can also return to work within a few days.

  • Results may look lumpy or bumpy at first: In the days following a non-surgical BBL, patients may notice that the buttocks look bumpy or uneven. This is normal and is a result of the filler activating and settling within the body. As recovery continues, patients should see this lumpiness improve and the treatment areas smooth out.


Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts In NYC & Long Island


Dr. Scott Blyer—also known as DrBFixin—is a cosmetic surgeon renowned for his expertise and experience with buttock augmentation procedures. His surgical Brazilian butt lifts are among the most sought; Dr. B also uses the newest technology to make his surgical BBLs safer. When it comes to non-surgical BBLs, Dr. B regularly performs them for patients who could not otherwise seek buttock augmentation.


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Dr. Scott Blyer
Dr. Scott Blyer, also known as DrBfixin, is a Cosmetic Surgeon in NY with three board certifications and over 16 years of expertise. He honed his skills at institutions like Penn State, Stony Brook, and North Shore University Hospital and pursued an advanced fellowship in Texas.
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